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Posture and Seating: An Integral Component of Good Moving and Handling for Clients with Restricted Mobility - Covid19 Interim Training Programme

Firwood House FIRS, Firwood House, Brassey Avenue
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Assessment & Care Management / Directly Provided Services (ESCC) / Occupational Therapy Assistants / Personal Assistants (Care) / PVI Adults (Private, Voluntary and Independent Care Sector) / Resource Officers / Social Workers
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ESCC Assessment & Care Management / ESCC Directly Provided Services / Independent Care Sector, Carers & Voluntary Sector / Personal Assistants
Health and Safety
Course description

This course is aimed at those assessing and caring for adults with restricted mobility who struggle to re-adjust or move their position when seated.

The course covers:

  • Normal posture and how function relates to posture

  • Anatomy of the pelvis and spine

  • The effects that immobility has on the body, in relation to posture, tissue viability, circulation etc

  • An awareness of postural issues and how to correct them or support them

  • The importance of ensuring that clients sit in a functional postural position and are repositioned appropriately

  • Appropriate hoisting techniques into a chair

  • Ensuring the client's seat provides suitable support for them.

For the practical element participants attending should be fit, dressed appropriately and able to fully participate. Footwear should be flat/ low heel and closed in toes. No flipflops or open toe sandals.

Training objectives

To ensure:

  • Candidates understand the importance of good/functional posture and how this is a key component of the moving and handling process

  • Candidates can visually identify when someone’s posture is restricted and how to correct their posture.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this session, it is anticipated candidates will:

  • Ensure clients they care for are seated in the most appropriate position

  • Understand risk factors to good posture, supportive seating, tissue viability and their potential impact on an adult’s function and wellbeing

  • Identify risk factors that poor moving and handling can have on posture, seating, tissue viability and their potential impact.

Additional Information
Start Date
Monday 24 January 2022
End Date
Monday 24 January 2022
Closing Date
Sunday 23 January 2022
13:30 - 16:30
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