Assisting the Fallen Person (Part 1) – Covid19 Interim Training Programme (C)

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This is a Distance Learning Course via presentation on YouTube and a Microsoft Form Quiz and takes approximately 2 hours to complete. The quiz must be completed within a week of the course date and the pass mark is 38/46.  If the mark is lower, a scenario for you to complete will be sent after the trainer has reflected on your score.

For those without access to Microsoft forms a hard copy can be sent by special request. Please add this to the special requirements box on the portal when signing onto the course.

The course is the theory (Part 1), covering Assessment of the Fallen Person using a decision-making tool/check sheet to assess for injury and is there a need to call for an ambulance. The check sheet can also be used for information gathering prior to an ambulance arrival for the injured person.
For the uninjured or minor injury the course covers how to assist with self-help from the floor or when to call for and the use of a Elk lifting cushion, Felgains Lifting Chair or a Hoist.

This course has a no practical element.

The course covers:

• Fallen person check sheet
• Additional information relating to fractures which may not have been covered in basic first aid training
• Pain assessment
• Body checks
• History taking
• Practical’s in scenario style for body checking included in the workbook
• Decision making for self-help or equipment use.

Training objectives

To give staff the ability to make a decision on whether to assist a fallen person from the floor, possible reasons for the fall and history taking for healthcare professionals to use for possible minimisation of further risk of falls.

An understanding of the importance for completing the check sheet prior to assisting a person from the floor or for healthcare professionals to use in ongoing treatment.

How to use self-help from the floor.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this session, it is anticipated candidates will:

• Have additional information to enhance their basic first aid knowledge relating to fractures
• Have additional knowledge relating to pain
• Understand the need for professional assistance for specific medication or conditions
• Know how to carry out a body check
• Know how to guide the fallen person into self-help from the floor.

Additional Information

All candidates should have already undertaken Basic First Aid (as Care Certificate Standard 12 and Basic Moving and Handling Awareness)

For the Part 2 Assisting the Fallen Person (Practical Face to Face Training)

Face to Face Assisting the Fallen Person is available as a Bespoke Course upon direct request from the trainer.

Please contact Ann Holland by email:

Start Date
Wednesday 5 January 2022
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Wednesday 5 January 2022
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Friday 10 December 2021
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